InnerRange Concept4000 Prisma sõrmistik must

175,56 € + km

Tootekood: 995060BK

Laius: 88

Kõrgus: 15

Pikkus: 162

Ühiku nimi: tk

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Toote kirjeldus

• Contemporary slimline surface mount design
• Full colour LCD backlit screen
• Large – easy to read text
• Simultaneously display diary & alarm events
• Icon & Scroll wheel navigation system
• Function keys for quick item selection
• Scrollable display for menus and lists
• Light sensitive auto dimming LCD backlight
• Variable colour RGB keypad backlight
• Logged off temperature display
• 8 LED indicators for Area status display
• 8-bit digital sound tones
• Instant help text available anytime, at the press of a key
• Programmable panic key and duress option
• Available in Black