InnerRange Concept4000 võrgukaart Ethernet + 1 serial port

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Tootekood: 995090

Laius: 104

Pikkus: 115

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Concept Ethernet UART

The Ethernet UART provides a 10BaseT Ethernet connection between the Concept 4000 control module and Insight software in addition to up to three serial ports. This allows communications over LANs, WANs, VPNs and the internet. The dedicated IP based Insight protocol combined with the 128 bit AES encryption allows users seamless administration of earth spanning access and security systems.

Up to four simultaneous connections can be maintained via the UART board – an operator using Insight can be communicating with a Control Module whilst the Control Module is interacting with building automation systems and so forth. Specific cables are available for connection to printers, modems, PCs and 3rd party interfaces.