Walde AS

Value added security and low-voltage distributor

A trusted name among integrators and dealers. Consultation and support for sold products during sales and construction

About Walde

Wholesale Distributor of Security Systems

Walde AS is a company engaged in the wholesale distribution of security systems. Walde was founded in 1992 and was one of the first companies in its field. Our range includes surveillance and access control systems, intercom systems, automatic fire alarm systems (ATS), evacuation sound systems, and nurse call systems. We also sell installation materials for these systems.

Because we deal with security, we consider it important that Walde is based on domestic capital and that the products have high (cyber)security. Therefore, we have focused primarily on quality in our product range. Our offered devices come from reliable countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, England, and others. Walde's major clients are leading companies in security and ATS construction.

In addition to sales, we also provide product training for both designers and end customers. Over the years, our products have been installed all over Estonia, ranging from private and apartment buildings to electrical and airport facilities.

60 Series IP Cameras

Our products are supplied by world-leading manufacturers:

  • surveillance systems (Inner Range);
  • access control systems (HID, 2N, Inner Range);
  • automatic fire alarm systems (Esser, CodeSec, Inim);
  • evacuation sound systems (Intevio, Variodyn);
  • intercom systems (2N, Laskomex);
  • nurse call systems (Ackermann);
  • video surveillance systems (Network Optix);
  • power supplies (Pulsar, Yuasa);
  • installation materials (Knight, CQR, Elmdene, Alarmtech);
  • cables (Berica);
  • and more.


We are familiar with our offered products, and to ensure that system integrators and installers are also well-versed in them, we offer product training that covers setup and programming. Learn more


We are happy to advise both the end customer and the designer. In our Tallinn office, it is possible to see the products on-site – this allows the customer to become acquainted with various options in the early stages of the project and select suitable products. For designers, we are here to provide advice and assistance to ensure that projects are precise, optimal, and emphasize system security.