Inner Range analoog moodul (pinge põhimõttel) metallkastis

352,00 € 422 €
Toote failid
Toote andmed
Toote parameetrid
Tootja Inner Range
Length 305
Width 140
Height 72
Toote kirjeldus

Concept Analogue Module

The Analogue Module provides the capability to monitor, report and respond to analogue signals detected by the Integriti or Concept 4000 system. This module can be programmed to operate an auxiliary output when an analogue level from one or more of its independent analogue inputs exceeds or goes below a pre-programmed threshold. Analogue levels can be monitored and controlled in scaled units at any LCD Terminal or remotely off-site.


  • Four independent analogue inputs, each with its own programmable threshold 'trigger point
  • 0-5V or 4-20mA types available
  • 8 bit resolution, 1% accuracy