Alarmtech MC270-10 G3 süvistatav magnetkontakt 10m kaablit 2k2+2k2

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IP kaitseaste IP67
Turvakategooria Grade 3
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MC 270 is a universal magnetic contact with NC function for high security systems that can be used both in alarm and access control systems for monitoring e.g. doors and windows against unauthorized opening. The contact is specially designed for use in banks, museums, art galleries, stores, etc. Both the contact and the magnet part are made of Al-alloy and formed in the shape of a threaded screw, which enables easy installation into wood or plastic. With our extensive range of installation accessories it is easy to install the contact either recessed or as a surface mount on metal and other materials. Contact and magnet are paired. To ensure proper functionality, do not replace the contact or magnet alone. With appropriate accessories, the contact can even be installed in steel doors, safety valves, garage doors, etc. The contact part is sealed with special epoxy, making it water resistant.

Data sheet

Installation method
Recessed mounting
Contact function
Normally Closed (NC)
EN 50131-2-6 Grade 3, Class IIIA, VdS G 197063 Class C, INCERT B-582-0013, SBSC 9-205, Class 3/4, NBU-T02-21/2018
Contact rating
48 VDC / 500 mA / 10 VA
Drill diameter mm
Magnet type
Neodymium (NdFeB)
Mounting on steel
Only with accessories
Make distance (wood) mm
Sabotage distance (wood) mm
Make distance (steel) mm
Depending from the accessories used
Tamper protection
Housing material
Operating temperature range
-40°C – +70°C
Housing protection class
IP 67
Contact dimensions (L x Ø) mm
37 x 11
Magnet dimensions (L x Ø) mm
14 x 11