Inner Range Paradox raadiomoodul

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Tootja Inner Range
Length 150
Width 166
Height 32
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Paradox RF Module

The Inner Range - Paradox RF module is a cost effective wireless RF solution that allows Paradox Magellan Wireless PIR’s, reed switches, smoke detectors and remote Control Fobs to function on the Integriti or Concept 4000 System. Wireless functionality is added to the Inner Range Controller with the inclusion of Paradox Magellan wireless devices.

The REM2 and REM3 remote control fobs provide bi-directional audible and visual feedback when arming or disarming the system and when controlling output auxiliaries. In addition to this the REM 2 & 3 remotes feature an information button which can be used to indicate the current status of the security area.

All fobs feature buttons which can be programmed to provide different actions and four or six digit wireless PIN verification is also provided when using the REM3 Remote Control unit. Additionally each module will provide 32 wireless detection zones for Paradox PIR’s, reed switches and smoke detectors, low battery supervision and reporting is provided for all wireless devices.