Integriti S-metallkast 3A toiteplokiga

388,80 € 474 €
Saadavus: 10
Toote failid
Toote andmed
Toote parameetrid
Tootja Inner Range
Length 252
Width 358
Height 85
Toote kirjeldus

Small Enclosure

The Small Enclosure (S) is a universal sturdy metal enclosure designed for general purpose installation of small size Inner Range Integriti or Concept equipment. The design allows for the a range of Integriti or Concept circuit boards to be fitted. 1 x 1/2 size or 2 x 1/4 size PCB's may be fitted per enclosure.

A range of powered or non-powered versions are available.

The Small Enclosure's low profile side elevation protrudes less than 90mm from the mounting surface.