Walde AS

Value added security and low-voltage distributor

A trusted name among integrators and dealers. Consultation and support for sold products during sales and construction


2N Telekomunikace

2N Telekomunikace is a Czech company engaged in the development and production of ICT and security systems. 2N's product portfolio includes computer network-based audio and emergency communication solutions, IP access systems, IP audio devices, elevator systems, M2M products, and telecommunications systems.

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AS Walde is a certified distributor of Honeywell Esser products. AS Walde holds exclusive distribution rights for certain Honeywell product groups – Morley by Honeywell, Galaxy by Honeywell, Netax by Honeywell in Estonia.

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Yuasa is a Japanese battery manufacturer, known for producing some of the best batteries in the world. If batteries were like cars, Yuasa would qualify as a Ferrari! The manufacturer's batteries are used everywhere, from cars and motorcycles to airplanes and spacecraft.

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Inner Range

Inner Range is an Australian company that produces modern access control and security systems. Since 1988, when Inner Range started, over 100,000 of their systems have been installed in more than thirty different countries.

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Laskomex (Rainmann) intercom panels are the most reliable panels in the Estonian market. The intercom panels are made vandal-proof and are suitable for installation in high-risk areas. Therefore, these intercom devices are particularly well-suited for large apartment buildings with a high number of users.

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HID Global is a world-leading manufacturer of card readers and cards. HID has also developed card encryptions like iClass and iClass Seos, considered to be one of the world's most secure card encryption technologies.

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Xtralis Ltd is a brand within the Honeywell group that produces early detection technologies, primarily for fire and gas detection.

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Morse Watchmans

Make key control easier and more efficient with a key management system from Morse Watchmans, the security industry’s leading provider of key control, key security and key and asset management solutions.

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Alarmtech Global is a company with over 30 years of experience in the production of security devices, originating from Sweden. Alarmtech mainly produces door sensors, shock sensors, glass break sensors, power supplies, and junction boxes.

System Sensor

System Sensor is the world's largest manufacturer of intelligent and conventional fire detectors. Each year, approximately 20 million fire detectors produced by System Sensor are installed worldwide.


CODE Security Technologies, or simply CodeSec, is a Turkish company that produces central fire detection systems and sensors. Since 2007, the company has also been manufacturing addressable fire detection devices.


Eaton’s Fulleon brand has been producing fire alarm devices for over 40 years. The main products include fire alarm sirens, flashers, combined flasher-sirens, and indicators.